Do’s And Don’t’s For Real Estate Agents


Take/Post Quality Photos of Your Listing – It doesn’t matter the condition of the property or the price point, you need to post pictures.  Research as shown that the majority of home searches begin on line, so give the buyers an idea as to what the property looks like.  If photography is not your strong suit, hire a professional.  They know how to light the rooms and have wide angle lenses for tight areas.

Answer Your Cell Phone in a Professional Manner – I find it irritating when I call an agent to show their listing and they answer their phone with “hello”.  Since your cell phone is usually your business line, you need to answer it like it’s your business line.  Let the caller know they have reached the right person.

Act Like My Call is Important – I know you are busy…I get that, but when I call, I’m not calling to chit-chat.  I’m calling to get information about your listing.  If you are too busy to answer questions about your listing, perhaps you shouldn’t take another listing.  I’m sure the seller would be more than a little annoyed if they knew how you treated a potential buyer.


Take/Post Unnecessary Photos – Yes it’s nice to see some of the shops in the community, but the buyer wants to see the house.  Too many shots of stores and community amenities leaves the buyer (and agents) thinking that there isn’t much to see in the house.  Also, pictures of doorknobs and fixtures won’t help sell the property either.

Make The Property Hard To Show – There are times when the showings will need to be by appointment only, but that shouldn’t be your default position.  Properties that are difficult to show, don’t get shown.  Help your client understand the importance of making the property accessible to other real estate agents and their clients.

Put The Combo or Security Code in the MLS – This one speaks for itself.  The seller has enough to worry about without you putting the access information on the Internet for the world to see.  If you don’t want to take the calls  to give out the combo, invest in an electronic lockbox.  If you don’t want to take the calls to give out the alarm code, hire a showing service.  Part of your job is to protect the property.

Sit Down During the Open House – There is nothing worse than walking into an open house and the agent is sitting down reading the newspaper or watching television.  It’s okay to sit down when their are no visitors in the house, but when they are there you should be standing and engaged.

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